“The Congress and the military need to lift the curtain of deceit.

Media hypocrisy is hiding this incident from the American people.

This MUST be made into a film.

"I want Justice for my guys."

"Pure Dereliction of Duty and Un-American."

Movie Endorsements

“Senior General Staff are directly

involved in a Cover-up."”

“Before Benghazi was Extortion 17.
We were Betrayed.”

AUGUST 6, 2011,

What you just witnessed in the above video recreation was the actual layout of terrain & buildings at the time of the attack, the reported eyewitness origins of RPG shot locations, the actual image of the RPG explosion from Apache Gun 1 video, the actual location where Extortion 17 was hit from the SECRET [Declassified] military report, the exact timing EST & UTC/Zulu of the events that occurred on Aug 6, 2011, and the real-time communication between the pilot of an AH-64 Apache Attack helicopter and his co-pilot as they witnessed the devastating explosion of a Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter transporting 30 American special operations warriors - call sign, “Extortion 17."

You now begin an unbelievable journey that takes you deep into the United States fight against Islamic jihad by way of the operational activity of America’s elite US Navy SEALs. Through our investigative movie you will be confronted with the lies, deceptions, and cover-up of the largest loss of life in Naval Special Warfare history.

The Boeing Chinook CH47D "non-combat" transport helicopter call sign "Extortion 17" was on a secret live fire "combat" mission transporting a 15 top-tier US Servicemen and 1 US service dog supporting 15 members of SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU). Also on that doomed flight were 7 unidentified and un-vetted members of the Afghan National Army and 1 unidentified un-vetted Afghan civilian interpreter who were rushed on board in the last minutes before takeoff breaking numerous security protocols and procedures. The obscure information about these 8 Afghan passengers was hidden deep inside the 1200-page Colt Report which is the SECRET [Declassified] military crash investigation of Extortion 17. To date there has been no reasonable explanation or investigation as to why or how this critical breach of security occurred regarding the Afghans soldiers or even who they were.

The government's Colt Report, which was compiled and hurriedly completed in 30 days, states that while on final approach to the live fire hot landing zone Extortion 17 was shot down by a single Taliban RPG. This shot, the second RPG shot, is referred to as "the Lucky shot" which was over 3 football fields away. The third shot, the point blank shot was completely discounted and also hidden in the report. The report also states the Chinook catastrophically exploded in mid air killing all on board instantly.

Our investigative movie, “Fallen Angel” will scientifically prove that this “lucky-shot” theory is not only improbable but impossible.  We will also prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the government’s crash investigation violated the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) minimal investigative requirements and warrants a proper independent federal investigation into the deaths of America's finest warriors.  “Fallen Angel” presents a comprehensive forensic case that exposes’ the United States Government unprofessional and improper investigation on significant elements including but not limited to the following:

  • Government Coroners found two bullets in the bodies of two SEALS and the government destroyed the evidence.
  • Possible gross dereliction of duty by senior military leaders in the planning and operation of this mission.
  • These deaths occurred in part due to the politically-correct Obama Administration Rules of Engagement (ROE) that fatally restrict US forces when engaging terrorists in certain active war and combat situations.
  • The shoot-down of Extortion 17 on August 6, 2011 was a well planned coordinated attack by the Taliban for blood-money revenge on SEAL Team Six in retribution for the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, on May 1, 2011.

“This Stinks of a Cover-up.”