Brigadier General Jeffrey M. Colt Lead Investigator

Why was this one-star general selected as the Lead Crash Investigator? Was BG Colt Qualified & Trained in Forensic Crash Analysis? Why was an Infantry Division Commander put in charge of a crash investigation involving the largest loss of life of SEAL Team Six, America's most elite warriors? Why was a one-star general put in charge of major crash investigation when he was untrained in Crime Scene Investigation, crash analysis, or ballistics? Who told Colt to rush the investigation and complete it within 30 days after the crash? What person in CENTCOM (Central Command) or the White House made the decision to put someone apparently unqualified in charge of an investigation of this magnitude and told him to rush to a conclusion in 30 days? Was this investigation no more than a show trial meant to please the public and to cover-up what really happened? Does this disaster expose a much larger problem in that the military cannot be trusted to investigate itself?

What is the "back story" that has to be hidden and covered up? An improperly filled out flight manifest is a serious crime in the military and carries with it severe penalties. The military views this as dereliction of duty that can result in death – especially in the battlefield.

The Department of Defense very clearly requires not only the names of every member boarding a US military aircraft, but much more information, including twelve specific subcategories. In addition, there is also a regulation that the commander signs an “anti-hijacking statement,” requiring the commander to certify as follows:

“I certify that no unauthorized weapons/ammunition/explosive devices, or other prohibited items are in the possession of those personnel for whom I am the designated manifesting representative or troop commander, and that their authorized weapons have been cleared.”

Note that the anti-hijacking statement requires a certification that "no unauthorized weapons or explosives have been brought on the aircraft." Note also the certification that “their authorized weapons have been cleared."

So how can one authorize and clear weapons if you don't even know who the person is your clearing? Failure to properly fill out the flight manifest is a very serious crime that was committed and put SEAL Team Six personnel in grave danger.

How and where was Extortion 17 shot down? There are three wildly differing Scenarios graphically illustrated in the Colt report of where the RPG shot originated and where the helicopter was located at the time it was hit. Note: The Colt report has all scenarios occurring in complete darkness (0 Illumination), enemy having no night vision equipment. General Colt himself states, "the helicopters flew "blacked out" (without any visible lighting or external beacons to mark their locations)."

(Scenario 1) - Extortion 17 flies at 40 knots, altitude of 100-150ft and is hit by one RPG-7 from 240 yards away (two and a half football fields).  The Colt report claims, as the helicopter catastrophically broke up, exploded, and fell to the ground, it traveled another 300 yards in 5 seconds at 40 knots.  This account defies basic mathematics, physics, and the laws of gravity. At best, an object traveling 40 knots in five seconds equals 110 yards not 300 yards.

(Scenarios 2 & 3) - They are impossible as well when one considers the distance and angle of hit from an RPG-7 on Extortion 17.  Note: Scenarios 2 & 3 will also be disproved by the full-scale recreations in the documentary. Type your paragraph here.

Fallen Angel Investigators have obtained three autopsy reports excluded from the Colt report investigation. Two of the three autopsies state, "Cook of Rounds [bullets] were recovered at Autopsy."  The two autopsies do not mention how many bullets were found in two separate bodies. Was there two or one hundred bullets found?  The autopsies also fail to mention what the size or caliber of the bullets nor how the bullets were determined to be "cook of rounds" - a bullet exploding in a fire.  Independent analysis and testing has proven that it is scientifically impossible for a bullet to explode in a fire and break human flesh - especially flesh protected by a bulletproof vest and military clothing worn by all US Navy Seals.

The autopsies state the autopsies were performed on Aug 10 2011 2pm-4pm at Dover AFB DE. This is four days after Aug 6 2011 the shoot-down of the Army Reserve helicopter Extortion 17 - and three weeks before the Colt report was finalized.  The "cook off rounds" discovered in autopsy were never mentioned nor were they included in the final report. The questions that must be asked is how did bullets get into the bodies of two SEALs wearing bulletproof Kevlar vests?  How many bullets were there? What were the calibers? Where and from whom did the bullets originate? Who and how were these bullets determined to be cook off rounds? What forensic tests were performed? Why wasn’t this critical information included in the final report?

Homicide is a capital crime. All evidence related to that crime must be preserved with great care. In the case of at least two autopsies involving Extortion 17 the Medical Examiner, a  lawyer and Medical Doctor, wrote the following;

Who ordered this investigation rushed and why? Regardless of the evidence of cover-up and gross negligence, one major overriding question arises. Is it humanly possible to have a complete and thorough investigation of a shoot-down of an aircraft in a foreign combat zone, 38 autopsies performed, proper crash analysis performed, complete interviews taken and reports written up, all within a time span of 30 days? Major crash investigations normally take years to complete and piece together. Why was this major crash, the single largest loss of life of navel special forces in US history, rushed and completed within 30 days? 

Congressional Investigation Questions

  • How can bullets in bodies have no "evidentiary value" in an active homicide investigation and not be included in the final report?
  • Why was critical evidence (i.e. Bullets) destroyed in a active homicide investigation and not included in final report?
  • Who gave the order to destroy critical evidence in a homicide investigation?
  • Why was investigation rushed-to-completion in 30 days?
  • Why was an Infantry Division Commander, with no crash investigation training or experience, put in charge of a crash investigation involving the largest loss of life of SEAL Team Six?
  • Where are the full and complete autopsy reports?
  • Why were autopsy reports not included in final report?
  • Who were the unidentified eight Afghan Nationals on Extortion 17 and why were they rushed on board in literally the last minutes?
  • What is the "back story" of the Flight Manifest that has to be kept quiet and covered up?
  • Was there a failure to address US State Department reports and warnings of massive Taliban infiltration (at least 50%) in the Afghan military?
  • Were all personnel properly recorded and their weapons/ammunition/explosive devices checked and properly cleared before boarding aircraft?
  • Where's the missing flight data recorder (Black Box)?
  • Why was the AC-130 gunship and the AH-64 Apache gunship denied permission to clear landing zone?
  • Was the Army Ranger Assault Force (AF) in need of the Quick Reaction Force?  Where they in immediate danger?
  • SEAL Team Six was designated as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to rescue the Ranger Assault Force (AF), why were the SEALs sent into a hot landing Zone?
  • Who gave the order to send in SEAL Team Six?
  • Why was SEAL Team Six using old Army Reserve aircraft piloted by Army Reservists?
  • Why did commanders ignore repeated warnings of AC-130 Gunship to abort mission?
  • Explain how an RPG launched over 3 football field away in total darkness with no night visioning equipment is the most likely scenario?
  • Where is the video footage of the two Apache gunships?
  • Where credible reports of a Taliban Trap ever investigated or considered?

Note: Above Congressional Question explained in detail below in "The Investigation"

There are two Gun Tape videos from two Apache Gunships Gun 1 & Gun 2. The Colt report claims neither Gun 1 or Gun 2 recorded the RPG hit and neither aircraft turned on their cameras until 73sec after the flash was first visible to both aircrews. Where are these videos?  Why didn't either aircrews record the RPG shot origin or the RPG impact on Extortion 17? 

The larger question arises is who ordered the destruction of this critical evidence and that it not be included in the final report. It is hard to believe that a medical doctor who is also a lawyer would willingly destroy evidence in an active homicide investigation then willingly sign his name to the crime (thus confessing to multiple crimes) without being so ordered. 

One of the fundamental overriding questions, the big elephant in the room is, "Who were these mysterious eight Afghan Nationals on Extortion 17? In over 1250 pages of investigation, not one mention of who these mysterious Afghans were, what happened to their bodies, how they were vetted, or why they were put on board with the most sought after targets of the Taliban. The public does not know their names or where they are buried. The failure to even address this one question, either inexcusable gross negligence or a cover-up.

There is overwhelming evidence of Taliban infiltration into the regular Afghan military.  Retired US ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker stated, “I would put the percentage rather higher than the 25% figure for enemy infiltrators and sympathizers that U.S. commanders have estimated.”  He went on to say, “I think we underestimate at our peril the number of Taliban  sleepers in the ranks of the Afghan National Security Forces.”  The military also admits to 25% (1 out 4) enemy infiltrators in the Afghan Army. Why were Afghan Nationals on board any helicopter with SEAL Team Six?

Two days after the shoot-down, why were credible and verified reports from three well respected international news agencies ignored by the military? All three sources state that the Taliban was tipped off on Extortion 17’s flight plan from someone on the inside and that it all was a Taliban trap. Important Note: At this time, none of the details of the mission had yet been made public - only the Taliban and the Military knew names of the Taliban leaders and details of the mission. Why were none of these reports investigated?

The SEALs were a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and were on standby to provide emergency relief to the Army Rangers on the ground. There was no emergency the Rangers were heading back to the base and not under attack. Why was this mission even flown in the first place? Who ordered the SEALs to be unnecessarily flown into a hot live fire landing zone in a non-combat aircraft all alone - then denied air support? The AC-130 advised command to scrub the mission because the landing zone was too hot. The AC-130 and Apache gunship were both denied permission to clear the landing zone.

Prior to the shoot-down, the AC-130 had requested permission to attack "Squirters" on the ground in the vicinity of the Extortion 17 landing zone but was denied permission to clear the area. These insurgents, according to the aircraft commander, were only about 600 meters away from the CH-47. Two AH-64 Apache "Air Weapons Teams" were also denied permission to fire. Why was the AC-130 gunship and the two AH-64's denied permission to fire?

Autopsies were performed on two US servicemen on Extortion 17 located in the transport portion of the CH47 Chinook on Aug 10 2011 2pm-4pm at Dover AFB DE. Listed as Cause of Death: Multiple Injuries Manner of Death HOMICIDE.

Why was America's best of the best elite fighting unit SEAL Team Six not given the military’s latest and greatest combat aircraft? Why was SEAL Team Six flown into "combat zone" in a loud and slow Vietnam era "transport helicopter" Why does the Colt report claim, "The Aircraft was Fully Mission Capable." The Night Stalkers are part of the US Special Operations Command who transport in combat Special Forces from all branches, including the Navy SEALs. Night Stalkers pilots are specially trained to fly in quickly, low, to avoid enemy radar, to attack at high rates of speed, and to infil/exfil ground troops quickly. The stated role of the Night Stalkers is to “provide aviation support to special operations forces.” Night Stalkers typically do not operate aircraft as antiquated as the CH-47D Chinook, but rather, operate the more advanced MH-47G Chinook, the MH-60 Black Hawk, or the Stealth helicopters used in the bin Laden raid. Why wasn't this unit used or aircraft less vulnerable used for our nations finest warriors SEAL Team Six? 


Ninty-six days after the death of Osama bin Laden by SEAL Team Six, an old Vietnam era Army Reserve helicopter, call sign "Extortion 17," was shot down in the Wardak Province, Tangi River Valley, Afghanistan on Aug 6, 2011. On board the Chinook CH-47D were 15 members of SEAL Team Six, 15 SEAL Team Six Support personnel, 1 Bomb Dog, 7 unidentified members of the Afghan National Army, and 1 unidentified Afghani interpreter.

The government position (The Colt Report) states that while on final approach into a hot landing zone Extortion 17 was shot down by a single Taliban RPG. This shot, referred to as "the Lucky shot" by government spokesmen, was over 3 football fields away in zero Illumination and struck the helicopter up from ground at a 40 degree angle. The Colt report also states that the Chinook CH-47 catastrophically exploded in mid air killing all on board instantly.  The entire investigation was completed and closed within 30 days.

Currently, all autopsy reports are being held and sealed by the US military.  Three autopsies have been acquired by our private investigators revealing that there were bullets found in the bodies of one US Navy Seal Team Six member and one US Special Operations Support serviceman. The Autopsy reports list these deaths as homicides. Two of the autopsy reports state the bullets, "recovered at autopsy were not retained because they are of no evidentiary value" and the bullets were subsequently thrown away. 

Fallen Angel challenges the governments claims of the shoot down of Extortion 17 and offers sufficient evidence of criminal conduct and gross negligence to warrant a Congressional Investigation into the government's investigation.

According to the Medical Examiner, bullets (plural) found in the bodies of two US Services members during a homicide investigation have, “NO EVIDENTIARY VALUE” and were “NOT RETAINED” meaning the bullets (plural) were thrown away in at least two active homicide investigations. This is a criminal act.

Of the thirty-eight and one German Shepard killed on Extortion 17 only three autopsy reports have been obtained by Fallen Angel investigators. Where are the autopsy reports of the other twenty-seven US Service members, eight Afghans, and one service dog KIA? Why were all autopsy reports excluded from the Colt Report? How is it possible for 38 bodies to be flown from Afghanistan, autopsied, death determined, and reports to be written within a timeline of 30 days? How can any credible crash investigation exclude the autopsy reports of the SEALs and the unidentified Afghans?

The AC130 gunship crew reported there were three RPG shots in 9 seconds. The Apache Gun 1 cockpit transcript states at 22:09:46 "I just saw a flash" and 22:09:55 "What is that?"  This time period is "nine seconds."  Three seconds later, 22:09:49 after the third RPG shot, the co-pilot of Gun 1 stated, "Dude, I think they just got shot." (see Campaign Video above). However, the Colt report claims that the second RPG shot (220m away) brought Extortion 17 down, not the third. Why was the third RPG shot scenario, which was a point blank shot, completely discounted?  

Another mystery concerns the flight data recorder (the Black Box). Where is the Black Box? According to the military immediately after the crash the Patherfinder team was sent out to locate the black box and was unable to recover it. Later the military stated the black box was washed away in a flash flood.  Then months later the military change its story once again and stated Extortion 17 never had a black box.  Where are the maintenance records for the CH-47D helicopter (Extortion 17) that was shot down? If there is no Black Box, why are US personnel, especially SEALs, flying in aircraft not equipped with even the basic crash investigation equipment? Our investigators have located witnesses who will testify to the existence of a Black Box on Extortion 17 when delivered in Afghanistan.